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coca cola facebook page by elizabeth boni
fig 1:Coca Cola facebook page
Increasing sales is always one of the top most priorities for businesses and marketing the products have also been a pivotal role for sales success even during economic downturns. The whole idea of marketing in a nutshell is the promotion, advertisement and selling of products and services to a target audience. Targeting audience for promotion and advertisement during the pre-internet era was such a daunting task and was limited to press advertisement or direct mailing. But the emergence of social media during this internet age have given marketers and businesses a wider platform to reach out to both prospective and existing customers.

Lots of people including businesses thought social media was a complete waste of time when it first emerged, a view that might have changed by now. Social media platforms have become such a vital medium to the extent that businesses who embraced it have grown their brand awareness and profits.
Today, some of the companies who embraced the social media concept have millions of views, likes and followers on most of the social media platforms including YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. A good example is Coca Cola as of the 19th of June 2014, they had over 83 million likes on Facebook (figure 1), and over 11 million views on one of their video commercials titled “Big Game” on YouTube within four months of posting on the channel (figure 2).
official coca cola big game commercial by elizabeth boni
fig2: official coca cola big game commercial

Regardless of the sort of business you run, embracing Social media within your organization allows you to see what prospects are saying about your brand and competitors. It is also a great way to drive business and can help increase your audience and customer base if applied properly. Getting started without any form of experience nor insight can be really challenging. But here are  a few basic tips to help get you started.

Start with a Plan
It is very important to map out and understand what you want to achieve from your social media campaign efforts. Starting without a clear plan is like wandering through a forest without a map and you will end up lost. So you need to think about the following.
Which of the Social media platform will help you meet your goals?
Who are your target audience?
On which platform will your target audience hangout the most?
What sort of message do you want to send your audience?

Create an Account
Create an account after identifying which social media platform suits your campaign and commit to it. A miracle wouldn’t happen if you don’t put in efforts.

Join communities and create a persona.
The ultimate aim here is to reach your audience, there are lots and lots of communities on these social media platforms so join relevant ones and create a likeable and trustworthy persona within the communities to help develop your personal account.

Connect with Audience
Conduct a search on the social media platform to find if the audience are talking about your industry or using related keywords and befriend, follow or connect with them. You can use resources like to find them. Once you connect with them, try to identify their needs and then act.

Build Relationships and keep them engaged
It is very important to develop a good relationship with your target audience, because that will lead to you listening to each other and can boost the likelihood of them sharing information about you.

Create varying Contents
Do not stick to one content, use a variety of contents (i.e. videos, photos, blog, articles, etc) to engage your audience. Using the same content will bore them. Sharing good content with your social contacts can spread easily and increase your visibility within the network.

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